Services and Rates in BIA Core

Independent Use

The Independent Use model is the self-service SPR analysis option for investigators.

Interested researchers will be trained in the independent operation of the Biacore T200 platform. Once trained and approved for use, researchers will be able to reserve and operate the instrument independently with 24/7/365 availability.

Please visit the T200 Independent User Training page for details on the training process and review the BIA Core Facility User Guide for information on making a reservation and starting and completing an experiment.

Sample Submission

The Sample Submission model is the full-service SPR/BLI analysis option for investigators and is available for all platforms (SPR - Biacore T200Biacore S200, and Biacore 3000BLIForteBio OctetRED96)

Researchers will provide the samples of interest and all experimentation, optimization, and analysis will be performed by the Core Staff.

To submit samples for SPR analysis, all investigators are required to submit a Service Request on CoreResearch@Duke and make arrangements with the facility for sample drop-off. Please review the instructions for Creating a CoreResearch@Duke Service Request and attach the required Sample Submission Form. Please review the Sample Requirements page prior to submission.


The BIA Core Facility Director, Manager, and Staff can be available to assist in the design and troubleshooting of experiments and/or analysis and interpretation of data. Please contact the Facility Manager (Ken Cronin) and/or the Facility Director (Munir Alam, Ph.D.) to schedule a consultation.

Sensor Chips

The BIA Core Facility endeavors to keep commonly used SPR sensor chips in stock for Sample Submission runs as well as Independent Users. All sensor chips are purchased directly from Cytiva and offered at-cost to users of the facility. We generally maintain a stock of CM5 and Series S CM5 chips with limited availability of other chip types. Please contact the facility regarding purchase as availability cannot be guaranteed.