Protein Production Facility Core

The PPF has moved to RTP campus and is closed for CoA productions pending approvals.

The protein production facility is equipped to produce and purify, at cost via subcontract, HIV-1 Env proteins and antibodies as standardized in vitro reagents which can be used in HIV vaccine research. As well as HIV-1, the protein production facility also is equipped to produce HA proteins for Flu, and Spike proteins and antibodies for COVID-19. These reagents are intended to optimize clinical trial immune monitoring and facilitate Env immunogen discovery; however, the proteins are not intended for use in humans or in clinical trials.

The production of all proteins and antibodies is governed by a Quality Management plan with oversight by the Quality Assurance for Duke Vaccine Immunogenicity Program (QADVIP), Duke’s Quality Assurance Unit. All proteins and antibodies are produced following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and using Good Documentation Practices. Environmental monitoring of the laboratory space, freezers, refrigerators and incubators is maintained and recorded in compliance with PPF SOPs.

Quality-controlled protein production for Research Use Only:  

DHVI PPF transiently transfects 293 or CHO mammalian cells with plasmids for recombinant expression.  All proteins are run on SDS-Page and Western Blot for quality control analysis, and proteins that are not at least 85-90% pure are further purified. 

  • Nickel, lectin, protein A, and Kappa select purification methods are available.

  • Recombinant Viral Envelope Proteins (1 or 4 Liter Run Scale Production)

  • Recombinant Immunoglobulin (Ab or Fab; 1 or 4 Liter Run Scale Production)

Protein purification and Quality Testing

  • FPLC-SEC Purification
  • Sterility, endotoxin and mycoplasma testing available

Use Fees/Rates

Current approved rates for Duke Investigators can be seen in CoreResearch@Duke (Core D-0078)

CoreResearch@Duke can also be used to request an ESTIMATE for grant or contract proposals

Service Requests and Estimates

Internal Duke users:  

External Non-Profit Institution users:

  • A signed Research Analysis Quote and Agreement (RAQA) and Purchase Order (PO) will be needed from your institution
  • Contact PPF Director for a price quote to get the process started.

Non-Duke For-Profit Entity users:

  • Duke Shared Resources can only provide services to For-Profit Entities under a signed Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA)
  • The collaborative research project must have a defined research question, scope of work, budget, and timeline.
  • Contact PPF Director to get the process started

DHVI - Protein Production Facility Data Management Plan


Research Park 1 Building
Duke University Medical Center
2 Circuit Drive
Durham, NC 27710


Kathy Yarborough, MS
Protein Production Facility Director


In August 2012, the DHVI was awarded a grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to establish a Protein Production Facility, which is directed by Kathy Yarborough, MS, with oversight from Barton Haynes, MD (Director of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute).