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Research Areas

The Duke Human Vaccine Institute is working on scientific breakthroughs for major infectious diseases that threaten human health. Since its inception, the DHVI’s primary goal has been to develop the enabling technology for vaccines that can induce broadly protective immune responses.

Many global health problems of today’s world are not being solved because they primarily affect developing countries that have few resources. Because of this problem, the DHVI has assembled a team of experts across diverse disciplines, including immunologists, clinicians, engineers, and molecular, computational and structural biologists, who are all working together to eradicate these diseases that kill millions of people every year.

Our internationally known investigators have harnessed the power and opportunity of the team approach, a new paradigm for successful research in an academic setting.

By focusing on the roadblocks for the development of difficult-to-make vaccines desperately needed by society, but not yet available, our investigators are filling a critical niche in the global vaccine research community.