Genetic, Genomics, and Gene Regulation

The Duke Human Vaccine Institute Viral Genetic Analysis core facility provides sequencing and genomic technologies to serve the needs of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute, Duke Center for AIDS Research, Duke University and external collaborators.

We offer small and large-scale Sanger DNA sequencing, automated amplicon purification and a suite of next-generation DNA/RNA sequencing technologies. We also are available to provide project consultation and sequencing analysis.  We perform and provide state-of-the-art genome and trascriptome sequencing and high-throughput sequencing of antibody receptor and viral genes. Administratively, we provide project consultation and sequencing analysis.

In addition to basic sequencing, extensive analysis of sequence data is also offered.  These services include primer design, multiple sequence alignments, construction of phylogenetic trees, determination of genetic distances and mutation rates, recombinant viral genome analysis, and detection of drug resistance mutations.

Associate Research Lab Manager (VGA core)