Getting Started in BIA Core

The BIA Core currently offers two usage models for completion of SPR/BLI analyses:

  • Independent Use: Researchers will be trained in the independent operation of the Biacore T200 SPR platform. Once trained and approved for use, researchers will be able to reserve and operate the instrument independently with 24/7/365 availability.  Request a training quote from Ken Cronin

  • Sample Submission: Researchers provide the samples of interest and all experimentation and analysis will be performed by the Core Staff. Contact Ken Cronin to inquire on availability before submitting request.

Please visit the Services page for more information on each usage model.

To utilize the BIA Core:

  1. Register in the CoreResearch@Duke system, which will be used for integrated instrument reservation and billing services.
    • All users must ensure that their NetID's are linked to the appropriate PI and fund codes in the system prior to any work being completed with the BIA Core.
    • Information on how to establish an account and complete the linking process is available on the CoreResearch@Duke Facility User Page, specifically the training guide titled "How to Add a Facility User and Link to a Project".
  2. Schedule an initial consultation with the Facility Manager (Ken Cronin) and/or the Facility Director (Munir Alam, Ph.D.) to discuss the details of the project.
    • Due to the complex nature of SPR analyses, it is important that we understand the unique details, experimental needs, and timeline of each project.
    • At this time, it can be determined which usage model, SPR platform, and experimental approach will be the most appropriate to achieve the desired project outcomes.
  3. For Independent Use of the Biacore T200, contact the Facility Manager (Ken Cronin) to request a training quote and schedule a training session.
  4. For Sample Submission, researchers will need to work with Facility Manager (Ken Cronin) to discuss the nature of the collaborative research