Instruments in BIA Core

Biacore (Cytiva) is an optical biosensor technology that monitors changes in the concentration of molecules as they associate or dissociate from a sensor surface, allowing for real-time, label-free biomolecular interaction analysis.

The standard applications of the SPR technology include measurement of binding specificity, kinetic association and dissociation rates, binding affinity, and active concentration. The sensitivity and broad biomolecular sample compatibility of SPR also allow for the design of assays to assess more complex aspects of interactions such as binding thermodynamics, epitope mapping, binding mechanism resolution, and immunogen-induced antibody avidity responses in clinical sera samples.

The BIA Core Facility is equipped with multiple SPR and BLI platforms with capabilities covering basic protein-protein interaction analyses to high-throughput sample screening to binding assessment of LMW analytes requiring exceptional sensitivity. Follow the links below for information regarding the capabilities and availability of each platform.

Biacore T200

Biacore S200

ForteBio OctetRED-96 (BLI)

Biacore 3000