ForteBio Octet-RED96

BLI Biosensor Tip

The ForteBio Octet-RED96 is a Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) platform that generates results similar to those obtained with SPR. Both SPR and BLI measure changes in surface concentration as a biomolecular interaction occurs at a sensor surface but differ in the method of measurement. While SPR measures the change in refractive index as an analyte solution flows over a ligand-immobilized sensor surface, BLI measures the change in the interference pattern of light as a ligand-immobilized sensor tip is submerged in an analyte solution.

The Octet-RED96 offers sensitivity that is comparable to that of the Biacore 3000 and the disposable biosensor tips removes the need for the surface regeneration required for SPR. The 96-well plate compatibility allows for parallel processing of up to 96 interactions, greatly reducing experiment time and increasing throughput. The Octet-RED96 BLI platform is currently available for Sample Submission.


  • BLI generates results similar to SPR
  • Ligand-coated biosensor tips are submerged in a 96-well plate
  • Parallel processing of up to 96 interactions
  • No need for surface regeneration
  • Available for Sample Submission