Reservations, Policies, and Rates in BIA Core

Please review the BIA Core Facility User Guide for information on how to complete a Service Request or make a Reservation for the T200 on CoreResearch@Duke as well as the policies for starting and completing an Independent Use experiment and recording instrument usage time.

BIA Core Facility User Guide

The current, approved instrument usage service rates for Duke-affiliated groups are listed below. Please contact the facility for current consumables pricing (SPR sensor chips, BLI sensor tips). For external users, please contact the facility for rate information.

Instrument Service Rate (per hour)
Biacore T200 (SPR) Independent Use $88.00
Biacore T200 (SPR) OpAsst Prep/QC $275.00
Biacore T200 (SPR) OpAsst Run $188.00
Biacore T200 (SPR) Independent User Training Request a quote
Biacore S200 (SPR) OpAsst Prep/QC $206.00
Biacore S200 (SPR) OpAsst Run $136.00
Biacore 3000 (SPR) OpAsst Prep/QC  
Biacore 3000 (SPR) OpAsst Run  
Sartorius Octet RED96 (BLI) OpAsst Run $187.00
Sartorius Octet HTX (BLI) OpAsst Run $203.00
All Platforms Sample Preparation $96.00
All Platforms Data Analysis $63.00
All Platforms Consultation $236.00