Independent User Training in BIA Core

T200 Independent User Training

SPR is an extremely powerful technology with myriad binding applications, however SPR optimization is often complicated and may require in-depth troubleshooting as well as on-the-fly analysis and modification of the experimental strategy. Due to this complexity, the BIA Core’s Independent Use Training has been designed in two stages to ensure a successful, hands-on experience that will set up the researcher for success.

  1. The user will complete a day-long, hands-on training that will cover the basics of SPR experimental design including SPR technology, ligand immobilization, analyte binding, surface regeneration, and kinetic binding analysis, as well as an introduction to the Biacore T200 instrument control and data analysis software. The training will loosely follow that of the Biacore T200 Getting Started protocol. Request a training quote from Ken Cronin
  2. The trained user will begin a supervisory period during which time the BIA Core Facility Manager will work closely with the user to design and execute their first few experiments.
    • During this period, the user is encouraged and expected to make every effort to prepare themselves to operate independently (reviewing the necessary manuals and SPR literature, discussing technical questions with the Core Manager, etc.).
    • Once the user has demonstrated a satisfactory understanding of SPR experimentation and operation of the T200 (typically after 1-3 uses), the user will be free to begin independent operation.
    • Disclaimer: For researchers utilizing the Independent Use model, the BIA Core Manager and Staff will be available during and after the supervisory period to provide technical advice and consultation regarding the design, completion, and analysis of SPR experiments. However, the interpretation of obtained results in the context of the specific project and the decision-making regarding the experimental direction of the project is the sole responsibility of the researcher.