Reservations and Rates


  • The DHVI Flow Cytometry Facility currently uses CoreResearch for all reservations.
  • All users must be trained prior to reserving instruments in the facility, and training discusses the booking process.


The following internal rates are for all campuses from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. Please contact the flow cytometry facility for current external rates.


Type Independent or Staff-Assisted? Hourly Rate (USD, $)
Phenotyping Independent 107
HTS Phenotyping Independent 140
Muse Phenotyping Independent 45
Rhapsody Phenotyping Independent 25


Type Independent or Staff-Assisted? Hourly Rate (USD, $)
Sorting Independent 127
Sorting Staff-Assisted 161

Trainings and Other Rates

Type Hourly Rate (USD, $)
Consulting / Training / Data Analysis 143
FlowJo Portal License (prorated monthly) 360