FlowJo Licenses

  • There are two types of portal licenses available: individual and shared computer.

    • Individual licenses can be used only by the one person associated with the license but can be used on multiple computers (up to four different computers).

      • Users with individual licenses can also use a shared computer license with their account
    • Shared computer licenses can be used by multiple users but only one the one specific computer associated with the license.

Steps to obtain a FlowJo Site License

  1. Make sure that you are linked to a project (fund code or PO#) in CoreResearch@Duke

    • Contact your laboratory manager or financial manager of the fund code or PO# to be linked.

  2. Find your hardware address (if you are requesting a shared computer license):

    • PC:  Start ⇒ Run ⇒ CMD ⇒ ipconfig/all ⇒ Local Area ⇒ Physical Address

    • Mac: Apple ⇒ About this Mac ⇒ More info ⇒ Network ⇒ Locations ⇒ Ethernet 1: ⇒ Hardware (MAC) Address

  3. Fill out this request form to add a new license, to move an existing license from one computer to another, to change information associated with a FlowJo license, or to cancel a FlowJo license.

    • The FlowJo Portal system has a new billing system. It can take up to a week or two for a new license to be activated.

    • Do not fill out multiple request forms for the same license. If you have not heard from the flow cytometry facility about your license, contact the facility directly.

  4. For help with your license, contact the flow cytometry facility.

FlowJo Portal Account Creation

  • Go to cloud.flowjo.com and then click create account on the bottom left corner of the popup. 
  • Anyone who wants to use FlowJo must have a portal account regardless if they are using a shared computer account.
  • The FlowJo Portal account is not the license itself therefore creating an account will not cause you to get billed.
  • See our FlowJo Portal quick guide for more information.

Q: Who do I contact if I am having issues with my license, FlowJo software, etc.?

A: Contact fls@flowjo.com instead of the flow cytometry facility.

Q: I did not receive an invitation to create my account; when will I receive it?

A: If you requested an individual license and did not receive an invitation, contact the flow cytometry facility. If you requested a shared computer license, you will not receive an invitation.

Q: Can I receive another invitation if the one I got did not work?

A: Yes, contact the flow cytometry facility for another invitation.

Q: Do I get billed for everyone who creates a FlowJo Portal account?

A: You only are billed for the actual licenses that you requested. You are not charged for the individual FlowJo Portal accounts. 

Q: Why did I receive an error message when logging into FlowJo Portal account in FlowJo software?

A: For shared computer licenses, you must be on the computer associated with the license. For individual licenses, you can only have FlowJo open on one computer at a time.

Q: Can I change the name or the computer associated with the license?

A: Yes, contact the flow cytometry facility.

Q: Why is the FlowJo Portal website not working once I log in?

A: The FlowJo Portal website works best in Google Chrome, and will frequently have issues in other browsers.



Software Download

  • Download FlowJo here.
    • Note: the FlowJo portal licenses are only compatible with the latest version of FlowJo


Technical Support