The EQAPOL ELISpot EQA program assesses the proficiency of NIAID/DAIDS-supported and other interested research laboratories at performing an interferon-γ (IFN-γ) ELISpot assay. Proficiency is assessed with the goal of helping all participating laboratories to perform the assay. Participating laboratories are required to complete two External Proficiency (EP) rounds per year.

As part of the program, EQAPOL provides the reagents for sites to run their own in-house, IFN-γ ELISpot assay using peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and standardized peptide pools. The PBMCs selected for each EP round have varying reactivities to the provided peptides. In addition to these standardized reagents, the materials to run an EQAPOL IFN-γ ELISpot assay - IFN-γ-coated plates, secondary antibodies, and a detection reagent - are provided in each send-out.

Sites are required to use their in-house assay using the PBMCs and peptides provided by EQAPOL. They are also required to run the EQAPOL-provided IFN-γ ELISpot assay using the provided PBMCs and peptides. Statistical assessment, troubleshooting, final report and discussion of results occur between participating laboratories and EQAPOL/NIAID. For each EP, sites are provided with a site-specific report. Participating laboratories are blinded with a unique EQAPOL site ID, and each laboratory is unblinded with respect to only their data sets.

The EQAPOL ELISpot Proficiency Testing Program was recently accredited to the International Organization for Standardization/ International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) 17043:2010 standards by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

Accredited Symbol

A2LA Cert 3614.01

Upcoming EP Testing


    • August 2019: EP18 Shipments begin

    Completed EP Testing


    • February 2019: EP17 shipments begin
    • April 2019: EP17 data collection closes
    • May 2019: EP17 Reports released


    • August 2018: EP16 shipments begin 
    • October 2018: EP16 data collection closes
    • December 2018: EP16 Reports Released   


    • March 2018: EP15 shipments begin 
    • June 2018: EP15 data collection closes 
    • July 2018: EP15 reports released 


    • October 2, 2017: EP14 shipments begin
    • Nov 17, 2017: EP14 data collection closes
    • Dec 21, 2017: EP14 reports released


    • March 20, 2017: EP13 shipments begin
    • May 2, 2017: EP13 data collection closes
    • June 30, 2017: EP13 reports released


    • September 19, 2016: EP12 shipments begin
    • November 29, 2016: EP12 data collection closes
    • December 21, 2016: EP12 reports released 


    • March 28, 2016: EP11 Shipments Begin
    • May 24, 2016: EP11 data collection closes
    • June 23, 2016: EP11 reports released 


    • September 21, 2015: EP10 Shipments Begin
    • October 27, 2015: EP10 data collection closes
    • December 21, 2015: EP10 reports released


    • May 18, 2015: EP9 Shipments Begin
    • July 6, 2015: EP9 data collection closes
    • August 12, 2015: EP9 reports released


    • November 10, 2014: EP8 shipments begin
    • January 8, 2015: EP8 data collection closes
    • February 26, 2015: EP8 reports released


    • May 19, 2014: EP7 shipments begin
    • June 30, 2014: EP7 data collection closes
    • August 04, 2014: EP7 reports released


    • November 11, 2013: EP6 shipments begin
    • December 19, 2013: EP6 data collection closes
    • January 21, 2014: EP6 reports released


    • June 18, 2013: EP5 shipments begin
    • July 25, 2013: EP5 data collection closes
    • August 23, 2013: EP5 reports released


    • January 21, 2013: EP4 shipments begin
    • March 01, 2013: EP4 data collection closes
    • April 04, 2013: EP4 reports released


    • April 23, 2012: EP3 shipments begin
    • June 04, 2012: EP3 data collection closes
    • July 26, 2012: EP3 reports released  


    • December 5, 2011: EP2 shipments begin
    • January 31, 2012: EP2 data collection closes
    • March 20, 2012: EP2 reports released 


    • June 20, 2011: EP1 shipments begin
    • August 26, 2011: EP1 data collection closes
    • October 6, 2011: EP1 reports released

    Site reports for EQAPOL ELISpot can be accessed using the EQAPOL web-based application (https://eqapolapp.dhvi.duke.edu).

    United States

    Nonhuman Primate Core Cellular Immunology Laboratory (NHP-CIL)
    18703 Three Rivers Road
    Covington, Louisiana 70433
    United States
    View on Map
    Covance CLS
    8211 SciCor Drive
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46214
    United States
    View on Map
    Baylor Institute for Immunology Research
    3410 Worth Street
    Suite 600
    Dallas, Texas 75246
    United States
    View on Map
    UNC - Department of Microbiology and Immunology 
    120 Mason Farm Road
    RM 2023A Genetic Medicine Building, CB#7042
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599
    United States
    View on Map
    Duke Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program
    213 Alex H. Sands Jr. Research Building
    Durham, North Carolina 27710
    United States
    View on Map
    Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard
    400 Technology Square, Room 934
    Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
    United States
    View on Map
    NIAID Vaccine Immune T-Cell and Antibody Laboratory (NVITAL)
    9 West Watkins Mill Road
    Suite 150
    Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
    United States
    View on Map
    Endpoints Laboratory Human Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
    1100 Fairview Avenue North, LE-200
    P.O, Box 19024
    Seattle, Washington 98109
    United States
    View on Map
    Division of Vaccine Research Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)
    3 Blackfan Circle
    Boston, Massachusetts 02115
    United States
    View on Map
    Custom Tech Team @ BDS
    11077 North Torrey Pines Road
    La Jolla, California 92037
    United States
    View on Map
    CIL Henry M. Jackson Foundation Department of Vaccine Research and Development US Military HIV Research Program (USMHRP)
    13 Taft Court
    Rockville, Maryland 20850
    United States
    View on Map
    9800 Medical Center Drive, Building D
    Rockville, Maryland 20850
    United States
    View on Map


    ABL Lyon
    321 Avenue Jean Jaures
    Lyon 69007
    View on Map


    MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS
    Plot 51-59 Nakiwogo Road
    P.O. Box 49
    Entebbe, Wakiso Uganda
    View on Map


    Laboratory of AIDS Immunopathogenesis CHUV
    Avenue Beaumont, 29 / BT02 - 224
    Lausanne 1011
    View on Map

    United Kingdom

    369 Fulham Road
    London SW10 9NH
    United Kingdom
    View on Map


    Fraunhofer IBMT
    Industriestr. 5
    Sulzbach D-66280
    View on Map


    DoD Laboratory in Tanzania NIMR Mbeya Medical Research Program
    Hospital Road - P.O. Box 2410
    , Mbeya Tanzania
    View on Map
    DoD Laboratory in Tanzania
    PO Box 2410
    Mbeya Tanzania
    View on Map


    Department of Retrovirology, AFRIMS American Embassy
    120 Wireless Road
    Praturnwan, Bangkok Thailand
    View on Map
    Department of Retrovirology
    120 Wireless Road
    Bangkok Thailand
    View on Map