Animal Support at the RBL

The Duke RBL Animal Models team works closely with the Duke DLAR and RBL Units to provide comprehensive small animal models to support the advancement of biodefense and infectious disease research:

  • ABSL2/3 small animal housing, aerobiology exposure, sample procurement, live animal imaging with IVIS spectrum
  • Comprehensive sample procurement and processing from infected animals
  • Consulting veterinary pathologist and comprehensive IACUC protocols and IBC registrations to meet your needs

Scientific Program Leader:  

Jacquelyn DuVall, PhD

Research Animal Coordinator:  

Kristina Riebe

Pathogenesis studies and experimental vaccine/therapeutic testing with well-characterized challenge models (mice, rabbitt, ferrets, hamsters):

  • Small animal models for influenza, West Nile, Zika, SARS-CoV-2 and others

  • Mouse models for plague, TB, tularemia, Cryptococcus, and others

Comprehensive sample procurement and processing from infected animals

Consulting Veterinary Pathologist for study design and histologic assessments (Dr. Jeff Everitt)

Comprehensive IACUC protocols and IBC registrations to meet your needs

  • Husbandry/Veterinary Care provided by DLAR (per diem rates apply)

  • Also called GHRB (Global Health Research Building) vivarium

Live animal imaging (ABSL2/3)

  • IVIS Spectrum

  • Spectral Lago X


Influenza Assay / Animal Model Request (form link) - to be used by CIVICS investigators to submit requests for animal studies and RUO assay support.

Please Note: These links/forms are for the exclusive use of Duke CIVICs program investigators. 

Questions? Contact us.

Use Fees/Rates

Current approved rates for Duke Investigators can be seen in CoreResearch@Duke (Core D-0064)

CoreResearch@Duke can also be used to request an ESTIMATE for a grant or contract (Core D-0064)

Please Note:

  • Requests for NEW animal studies in the RBL/GHRB vivarium require a minimum of 4 weeks advance notice to ensure full IACUC/IBC and DLAR compliance.
  • Repeat or recurring animal studies require advance notice of 3 business days.

Service Requests and Estimates

Internal Duke users:

  • To request full or partial support for animal work or IVIS Imaging in the Duke RBL (aka GHRB) we require the following:

    1. Make a general service REQUEST in CoreReserch@Duke (Instructions).

    2. Complete the Request for Animal Work in Duke RBL form.

    • Note: a CoreResearch REQ# will be required.

External Non-Profit Institution users:

  • A signed Research Analysis Quote and Agreement (RAQA) and Purchase Order (PO) will be needed from your institution.
  • Contact Unit Program Leader for a price quote to get the process started.

Non-Duke For-Profit Entity users:

  • Duke Shared Resources can only provide services to For-Profit Entities under a signed Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA).
  • The collaborative research project must have a defined research question, scope of work, budget, and timeline.
  • Contact Unit Program Leader to get the process started.

Directions to the RBL and Parking Information (contact us)

How to acknowledge work done in our facility:

Please acknowledge our facility in any publications/presentations: “Animal studies were done in the Duke Regional Biocontainment Laboratory, which received partial support for construction from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (UC6-AI058607; G20-AI167200) and facility support from the National Institutes of Health (UC7-AI180254).