CHAVD Annual Meeting

5th Annual CHAVD Retreat

The Duke Consortia for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development (CHAVD) 5th Annual Retreat was held Sept. 27-29, 2023, at the JB Duke Hotel.

Photo collage of year 5 annual retreat

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)‘s director of the Division of AIDS, Carl Dieffenbach, opened the meeting and DHVI’s director, Barton Haynes, welcomed everyone and previewed the day’s talks. Invited plenary speaker, Ted Pierson, director of the Vaccine Research Center, spoke about next steps for the NIAID Vaccine Research Center.

Bart Haynes introduces Ted Pierson at CHAVD 2023


Ted Pierson speaks at CHAVD 2023

Congratulations to our award winners:

Pre Doc Awards
Camille Pierre, Ellie Zhang, Ruth Parsons

Post Doc Awards
Ted Kreider, Daniel Wrapp

Outstanding Contributions Award
Kevin Saunders, Kevin Wiehe, Mohamad-Gabriel Alameh, Tom Denny

Research Staff Recognition
Benjamin Mildenberg, Georgeanna Morton, Brenda Kapingidza, Elizabeth Van Itallie, John Carey, Emily Lindemuth, Anna Kliszczak, Laura Sutherland, Elizabeth Donahue, John Peart, Taylor Spence, Cindy Bowman, Diana Martik, Xiaozhi Lu, Chuancang Jiang, Jared Lindenberger, Chan Soo Park, Salam Sammour, Xiao Huang, Weimin Liu

Award of Excellence
Rory Henderson

Letvin Scholar Award
Drew Weissman

Letvin Lecturer
Pamela J. Bjorkman

Administrative Excellence
Janet Challacombe, Susan Hall, Lynn Bowman, Patti Hanline, Sarah Broz

Outstanding Excellence in Leadership Award
Kelly Cuttle

Pictured award winners below:
Front row: Brenda Kapingidza, Taylor Spence, Elizabeth Van Itallie, Cindy Bowman, Elizabeth Donahue, Rory Henderson
Back row: Kevin Saunders, Daniel Wrapp, Kevin Wiehe, Ted Kreider, Bette Korber

CHAVD 2023 award winners


Daniel Wrapp, Madison Berry, Ashley Bennett, Ruth Parsons, Mitchell Martin, Aria Arus-Altuz, Sangita Kachhap