DHVI Faculty Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure - Robert J. Edwards, PhD


The DHVI is pleased to announce that Robert J. Edwards, PhD, has been promoted to the faculty position of associate professor in the Department of Medicine effective November 1, 2021.

Edwards was recently promoted to associate professor. Dr. Edwards graduated from Rice University and obtained his PhD in Cell Biology from Duke University in 1998. He studied state dependent structural transitions in the Z-band of rabbit psoas muscle in Dr. Michael Reedy’s laboratory.  

After receiving his PhD, Edwards returned to Duke in 2007 and was promoted to assistant research professor in the Department of Cell Biology.

In 2017, Edwards joined DHVI and contributed significantly to vaccine development research in the Structural Biology program with his extensive knowledge of negative stain electron microscopy. Edwards’ work is an integral part of the many research projects here at DHVI, notably the recent work in coronavirus research.