S. Munir
S. Munir  Alam
Professor in Medicine
Professor of Pathology
Member of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute

Duke Center for HIV Structural Biology Relationship

Project 2 and Immunobiology Core Primary Investigator: B cell antigen receptor structure and HIV Envelope-BCR interaction dynamics

The overall goals of the project are to define BCR structures with specificity of different classes of HIV antibodies and to determine how Envelope trimer binding (1) induces conformational changes that result in a signaling-competent state, and (2) to determine the structural dynamics of BCR interactions with HIV Envelope epitopes that lead to optimal signaling for cell activation and proliferation, and subsequently to MHC class II peptide (pMHC-II) presentation for CD4 T-help (Immunobiology Core).


Professor in Medicine
2 Genome Ct, MSRB II - Room 4004, Durham, NC 27710
Mailing address
BOX103020, Durham, NC 27710