Scott Antonia, MD, PhD

Scott Antonia profile photo
Professor of Medicine/Director, Duke Cancer Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

Dr. Antonia is a lung cancer physician who spent years at Moffitt Cancer Center developing immunotherapies to fight lung cancer, including one that in June 2019 changed the standard of care for stage III non-small-cell lung cancer.

Dr. Antonia leads the new Duke Cancer Institute (DCI) Center for Cancer Immunotherapy. In his new role Dr. Antonia aims to speed up this process for scientists across all departments at Duke who have made discoveries that show promise for developing new immunotherapies——treatments that boost the immune system’s ability to kill cancer.

Dr. Antonia and colleagues who lead the new Duke Cancer Institute (DCI) Center for Cancer Immunotherapy look for cancer immunotherapy discoveries that show promise, no matter the cancer type. Then they form a team that works with the original investigator to accelerate the finding into a drug that can be tested in a clinical trial. The team members will help accomplish all the tasks required to take a finding to human trials, from conducting additional lab studies, to designing a clinical trial, and even manufacturing a drug.

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