About the Vaccine Center

The Vaccine Center is comprised of a Vaccine Design team, the Immunological Analyses team, and the Assay and Reagent Core team.

The Vaccine Design team is led by Dr. Tony Moody. Here, the team seeks to design vaccines using novel antigens and novel delivery platforms. Data generated from the Vaccine Center will be thoroughly vetted through the Toxicology/Manufacturing Core and the Clinical Core.

The Immunological Analyses team is led by Dr. Herman Staats. Here, the team will conduct pre-clinical assays to include immunogenicity and challenge studies before moving forward to the other CIVICs teams.

The Assay and Reagent Core is led by Dr. Georgia Tomaras. This team will run optimized pre-clinical and clinical assays in coordination with the Vaccine Center and the Clinical Core.

The Scientific Leadership Group (SLG) works closely with the CIVICs External Advisory Board and the Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (DMID) branch of NIAID at the NIH to review data and select candidates for GMP manufacture. The SLG is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Tony Moody, Duke University
  • Nicholas Heaton, Duke University
  • Georgia Tomaras, Duke University
  • Stephen Harrison, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Aaron Schmidt, Ragon Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Drew Weissman, University of Pennsylvania

Contact Information:

Tony Moody, MD, Principal Investigator for Vaccine Design

Georgia Tomaras, PhD, Co-Investigator for Assay and Reagent Core​

Chris Todd, MPH, Director of Program Management

Hilary Bouton-Verville, PSM, PMP, RLATG, Senior Scientific Program Lead