Tony Moody, MD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics


Box 3499 DUMC
Durham, NC 27710

Department / Division

Assistant Professor in the Department of Immunology


Other, Duke University (2006)
Other, Emory University (2003)
Other, Emory University (2002)
M.D., Duke University (1999)

Tony Moody, MD is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Infectious Diseases and Assistant Professor of Immunology at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Moody is the Director of the Laboratory of B cell Immunotechnology at the Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI). Research in the Moody lab is focused on understanding the B cell responses during the earliest stages of HIV infection. The lab has become a resource for human phenotyping, flow characterization, staining and analysis at DHVI. Additionally, Dr. Moody serves as the Chief Medical Officer for DHVI and as the Director of the CHAVI DHVI Repository. In these roles, he provides support for the collaborative work occuring at DHVI and with its many collaborators around the world by providing processing, shipping, and inventory support for a wide array of projects.

The Moody lab is studying changes to the B cell arm of the immune system during the earliest time points after HIV infection, as early as 17 days after transmission. This group recently elucidated the alterations to B cells that occur during acute/early HIV infection and have submitted a manuscript describing this work. The Moody lab is one of several working on the Antibodyome project--a project that seeks to understand the repertoire of antibodies produced in response to vaccination and infection. The lab continues to work on the development of new flow cytometric panels and reagents that can enhance the detection of B cell responses during the acute/early HIV infection.

In addition, the Moody lab has active projects looking at the response to influenza, syphilis, autoimmunity, and is interested in applying the technique to other disease processes.

Moody Laboratory



Representative Publications

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