November 30, 2018

World AIDS Day 2018

Today we honored World AIDS Day with special presentations from DHVI Director, Dr. Bart Haynes on “HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development” and Principal Investigators, Drs. Georgia Tomaras and Tony Moody on “HIV/AIDS Science and Activism”.  Dr. Tomaras reminded us how important activism is to science and how we need to listen to activists who advocate for different types of HIV prevention, while Dr. Moody encouraged us to use our knowledge of vaccine development to engage in productive discussions with those less informed. Lastly, we were honored to have local artist and activist, freedom clay, join the conversation. His talk “When Artivism Converges with Biomedical Research: The Intersectionality of the Arts, Activism & Science” connected the need for HIV research from an activist/artist point of view.