January 07, 2020

Thursday Morning Lab Meeting

Thursday Morning Lab Meeting is a biweekly event for DHVI researchers to share their work with colleagues

Dr. Kan Luo | Platform of producing HIV-envelope expression virus like particles

Conformational structure of HIV envelopes are critical for inducing HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies. None infectious virus like particles (VLPs) can present high density of naturally formed HIV trimers on 60-200nm sized particle surface, thus induce a strong immune response. My work focus on HIV-VLP expression, purification and identification. The platform established allows us to produce VLPs which are well-decorated with different strains of HIV trimers. Our next step will be immunize animals with VLPs to test their antigenicity.


Dr. RJ Edwards | Fab-dimerized glycan-binding antibodies

My work focuses on the structural determination of a new category of Fab-dimerized glycan-binding antibodies that do not require domain-swapping. Combined insights from high resolution structural details revealed by cryo-EM, together with negative stain surveys of dozens of I-shaped Fab-dimerized antibodies, indicate that the glycan-binding and broad neutralization first observed in antibody 2G12 may not be as unique as previously thought, and may represent an unexplored path towards development of an HIV vaccine.