December 06, 2019

Thursday Morning Lab Meeting

Thursday Morning Lab Meeting is a biweekly event for DHVI researchers to share their work with colleagues

Dr. Amit Kumar | Humoral Immunity and Prevention of Mother to Child transmission of HIV-1

In our study of immune prevention mother to child transmission of HIV-1, we aim to understand the role of maternal neutralizing antibody responses in shaping the infant transmitted viruses. We found that transmitted infant viruses are resistant to paired maternal serum and V3 and MPER region mutations may be responsible for their escape.  Further, maternal broadly neutralizing antibody responses do not prevent MTCT, as neutralization-resistant variants can be vertically transmitted in this setting. 


Ph.D Candidate Kelly Hughes | Proliferation of HIV-1 Infected Renal Epitheliak Cells Following Virus Acquisitions from Infected Macrophages

My work investigates the potential for HIV transfer between cell types in the kidney- specifically between macrophage and renal tubule epithelial cells, and what role this might play in disseminating or maintaining HIV infection in the renal reservoir. This work stems from an effort to better understand HIV-Associated Nephropathy and to better characterize the renal reservoir. Understanding the interplay between lymphocytes and non-canonical reservoir cells is critical for effective management strategies and must be taken into consideration in developing any treatment aimed at addressing the persistent infection maintained in the reservoir.