May 06, 2021

This is the team of superheroes

This is the team that processed 471,418 samples for SARS-CoV-2 since August 2020.

This is the team that learned how to operate and maintain more than 50 unique pieces of equipment and software, each with its own special requirements and quirks.

This is the team that prepares thousands of sample collection tubes every week.

This is the team that mastered laboratory robotics overnight.

This is the team that successfully integrated into Duke Health’s clinical laboratory system while balancing enormous workloads.

This is the team that steps up day after day and night after night to keep our campus and the wider Durham community safe from SARS-CoV-2.

This is the team that endlessly problem-solves, rolls with the punches, celebrates victories, and never gives up.

This is the team we thank, we celebrate, and for whom we are forever grateful.

This is the team of superheroes.

Thank you to the Duke SARS-CoV-2 Surveillance Team. Duke's superheroes!

Conor Anderson

Megan Averill

Jacob Baumgartner

Ebony Bowling

Janet Challacombe

Wykila Chavis

Ian Cook

C. Todd DeMarco

Nicole De Naeyer

Jennifer Echeverria

Logan Eiermann

Gianna Glass

Thad Gurley

Dillon Haggins

Syl Hood

Savannah Grace Hutko

Amber Igodan

Jamelynn Johnson

Jenna Kelly

Monis Khan

Raul Louzao

Joshua Marek

Tatyana McAllister-Sanders

Alisha McGriff

Angelica Pack

London Pasquarello

Jerry Peters

Eileen Phifer

Jasmine Robinson

Madison Rothwell

Josie Salisbury

James Schaffernoth

Ian Schlup

Salvatore Scianna

Emma Stachura

Genesis Suggs

Ryan Sutton

Naomi Williamson

Isabel Wright

Brittany Wortham