Protective Immunity

The Duke Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology and Immunogen Discovery (CHAVI-ID) is a consortium that was established by the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to undertake the immunologic research that will tackle the major scientific obstacles in the development of an effective HIV-1 vaccine.

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise was established in 2003 as a collaborative global effort to promote the development of a safe and effective HIV vaccine. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation set out to advance this mission by contributing more than $287 million in support of HIV vaccine development and discovery. The Foundation awarded funds to eleven consortia that will focus on novel methods in HIV vaccine design and five central laboratories and data analysis facilities that will provide state-of-the-art technologies to evaluate HIV vaccine candidates.

The overall mission of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network is to fully characterize the safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of HIV vaccine candidates with the goal of developing a safe, effective vaccine as rapidly as possible for prevention of HIV infections globally. The Duke Laboratories as part of the HVTN Laboratory Center are utilizing state of the art technologies to comprehensively interrogate the humoral immune response to HIV vaccines to identify and characterize protective immune responses.
Provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art, humoral immunity assay services to determine quantitative and qualitative features of antibody specificity, pharmacokinetics and Fc-mediated antiviral functions. These include the evaluation of systemic and mucosal antibodies (isotypes, subclasses, forms), anti-idiotype, binding specificity and breadth (i.e. for native protein structures, virions, infected cells), and Fc Receptor (FcR)-mediated antibody functions.

Mother to Infant HIV Vaccine Research and Development 

Mission: To develop and perform preclinical testing of maternal and infant HIV vaccine regimens that aim to prevent infant HIV-1 infection 

The Duke Regional Biocontainment Laboratory (GHRB) supports a comprehensive sponsored research portfolio with a focus on Vaccine and Therapeutic Development.