External Quality Assurance


The mission of the IQA program, is to improve national/international standardization and overall performance of immunology laboratories participating in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Division of AIDS (NIAID) sponsored clinical trials and research programs. An additional component of the IQA is to help develop new technology and laboratory assays that may be useful in monitoring patients with HIV infection and evaluate potential HIV vaccines, as well as adding new insights into the pathogenesis of disease progression.

In September 2010, the DHVI became the home of the NIAID DIADS External Quality Assurance Oversight Program Laboratory (EQAPOL) under the leadership of Thomas Denny, MSc, MPhil. The goal of the EQAPOL program is to support the development, implementation and oversight of external quality assurance programs that monitor laboratories involved in HIV/AIDS research and vaccine trials around the world. 


The Immunology Virology Quality Assessment Center (IVQAC) is led by Thomas N. Denny.  The IVQAC is a resource designed to help domestic and international immunologists evaluate and enhance the integrity and comparability of immunological laboratory determinations performed on patients enrolled in multi-site HIV/AIDS therapeutic, vaccine and prevention investigations.