DHVI Core Facilities

The faculty and senior scientific staff of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute have assembled state-of-the-art technologies into Shared Resources or Core Facilities to support research initiatives in the areas of Vaccine Immunology, Immune Reconstitution, Host Pathogen Interaction, and Emerging Infectious Disease and Biodefense.  These comprehensive OPEN ACCESS Shared Resources are available to the Duke community and their collaborators.

Contact Information:

Gregory D. Sempowski, PhD
Professor in Medicine and Pathology
Scientific Director, DHVI Shared Resources

Flow Cytometry Facility 

The DHVI Research Flow Cytometry Facility serves the analytical and cell sorting needs of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute and researchers throughout the Duke Community. DHVI Flow offers state-of-the-art cytometric support to investigators in basic, developmental, and clinical research.

Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Facility

The DHVI Biomolecular Interaction Analysis (BIA) Core Facility, led by Dr. Munir Alam, provides specialized applications and support in Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) based interaction analyses to basic and clinical researchers within the Duke Community.

Accessioning Unit 

The DHVI Accessioning Unit  primarily provides support for human clinical studies that fall within DHVI’s mission of performing research against infectious diseases that impact global health. The team provides support for the recruiting participants of all ages as well as processing, storage, and retrieval of specimens obtained for these studies. In addition, this unit provides similar support for the non-human and small animal studies.

IVQA Center Laboratory 

The DHVI-IVQA Center Core Laboratory offers College of America Pathologist-(CAP) and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments-(CLIA) accredited immunologic and viral load assay platforms including flow cytometry acquisition time, CD4/CD8 Immunophenotyping, HIV-1 RNA Viral load, HIV-1 2+ O EIA, HIV p24 (non-ICD) and Western Blot determinations.

Viral Genetic Analysis Seqencing Facility

The DHVI Viral Genetic Analysis Core Facility provides sequencing and genomic technologies to serve the needs of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute, Duke Center for AIDS Research, Duke University and external collaborators.

Protein Production Facility 

In August 2012, the DHVI was awarded a grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to establish a Research Protein Production Facility, which is directed by James Peacock, PhD with oversight from Matthew Johnson, PhD (Senior Director of Product Development). The facility is equipped to produce and purify, at cost, HIV-1 Env proteins as standardized in vitro reagents that can be used in HIV vaccine research.