November 21, 2017

National BioSafety Month at the DHVI

Last month, DHVI celebrated NIH’s National Biosafety Month. During each week of October, the Safety Team quizzed staff on common biosafety best practices & standard safety SOPs. Completion of the four online quizzes entered each participant in a drawing to win fun and safety-themed prizes. The newest member of the Duke Infectious Disease Response Training Team, “Dudley DIDRT”, was debuted in two quizzes. Dudley’s feature, “What Did Dudley DIDRT Do Wrong?” depicted Dudley in the lab and challenged staff to not only locate his mistakes, but also tie them to a SOP. Due to outstanding participation in this module, a fifth bonus prize was added to the raffle.

To commemorate staff participation in National Biosafety Month, the DHVI Safety Team held the first inaugural Biosafety Bash on Halloween. Staff enjoyed fresh popcorn from the popcorn bar while raffle winners were announced. Afterwards, numerous staff participated in “Pass the Pathogen,” which challenged players' glove doffing skills. To the sound of “Thriller,” gloved participants passed a GloGerm-doused shower poof—aka pathogen—around in circles. When the music stopped, participants holding the pathogens were removed from play and had their hands checked by Jim Burch, a member of the DHVI safety team. Those who doffed their gloves without contaminating their hands were entered into another raffle.

Although National Biosafety Month has come to an end, the conversation of cultivating a community of safety at the DHVI has not.