Kevin Saunders, PhD

Associate Professor in Surgery


2 Genome Court, 4074 Medical Science Research Building 2
Durham, NC 27710

Department / Division

Assistant Professor in the Department of Immunology


Ph.D., Duke University (2010)

Dr. Saunders in his role as Director of Research leads DHVI’s pre-production protein research effort.  In this capacity he oversees the design, expression, and purification of a variety of human and pathogen-derived proteins.  These protein designs can then feed directly into the DHVI’s Protein Production Facility for widespread use.  In addition to the protein design and production effort, he also leads the institute’s antibody isolation endeavors to characterize adaptive immune responses in rhesus monkeys and humans. This work entails isolating monoclonal antibodies of interest and expressing them in small or large-scale quantities for genetic analyses, phenotypic analyses or in vitro uses.

Saunders Laboratory 

Representative Publications

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