December 12, 2017

Kelly Soderberg and Ana Sanchez Graduate from the Complete Duke Leadership Academy

In December 2017, DHVI Chief of Staff, Kelly Soderberg and Director of Program Management, Ana Sanchez, completed the year-long journey at the Duke Leadership Academy. For the program, they attended monthly seminars with a curriculum focusing on leadership and management styles and approaches. They also worked in teams with other members of the Duke Leadership Academy to develop case study reports on topics pertinent to all of Duke. Through the program they were able to interact with current / future leaders at Duke while building and leveraging a network for the success of the DHVI .


Kyle Cavanaugh and DHVI Program Director, Ana Sanchez

The Green Team- Most Awareness Award

The Blue Team- Most Implementable Award

Kyle Cavanaugh and DHVI Chief of Staff, Kelly Soderberg