July 17, 2020

Journal Editors Join DHVI’s “Taking Science to the Streets”

The DHVI was honored to have Drs. Guido Silvestri, Editor of the Journal of Virology, Associate Editor of PLoS Pathogens, and past-Editor of the Journal of Immunology, and Dr. Thomas Hope, Editor-in-Chief of AIDS Research & Human Retroviruses and Section Editor for PLoS Pathogens, join our “Taking Science to the Streets” event to discuss manuscript reviews, approvals, and retractions.

The Drs. spoke about the goods and bads of the peer-review process and emphasized the importance of publishing rigorous and reproducible research.

"Taking Science to the Streets" is a biweekly virtual event created for DHVI employees to engage in scientific discussions, debates and hot topics. The event is hosted by Drs. Guido Ferrari, Tony Moody and the DHVI Training and Mentoring Program.