January 21, 2020

Duke Commitment to Care Animal Welfare Recognition

Mrs. Amanda Newman, Program Manager of the DHVI Small Animal Team, has been selected as the recipient of the inaugural Duke Commitment to Care, animal welfare recognition. Nominees for this award were solicited from all members of the Duke animal care and research community.  The Animal Program selection committee and Duke Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) unanimously selected Mrs. Newman based on multiple criteria including demonstration of attentiveness and sensitivity to animal welfare, commitment to continuous learning, compassion for humane animal care, and prioritization of the 3-Rs: Reduction, Replacement and/or Refinement.

Her nominator, Mrs. Hilary Bouton-Verville, Program Lead of the Duke CIVICs Vaccine Center, highlighted her extraordinary efforts on behalf of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute to advocate for animal welfare. Particularly noteworthy was her comment that Ms. Newman considers the animals in her care as her most important customers.