October 20, 2020

Duke CHAVD 2nd Annual Meeting Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Duke Consortia for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development (CHAVD) Annual Meeting awards. Recipients are recognized for their dedication and contributions to the Duke CHAVD program, which aims to develop an effective HIV-1 vaccine for global use. The Duke CHAVD is led by Dr. Bart Haynes.

Duke CHAVD Pre-Doctoral Award

Danny Morris - University of  Pennsylvania 

Zekun Mu - Duke University

Duke CHAVD Post-Doctoral Award

Kartik Mann - Duke University

Marvin Gondlin - University of Pennsylvania

Elena Brenna - University of Oxford 

Sophie Gobeil - Duke University 

Duke CHAVD Young Faculty Award

Rory Henderson - Duke University

RJ Edwards - Duke University

Priyamvada Acharya - Duke University

Wilton Williams - Duke University

Duke CHAVD Outstanding Contributions Award

Ming Tian - Boston Children’s Hospital

Gnana Gnanakaran - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Duke CHAVD Scholar Award

Fred Alt - Boston Children’s Hospital

Garnett Kelsoe - Duke University

Duke CHAVD Norman Letvin Lecture

Sir. Andrew McMichael - University of Oxford

Louis Picker -Oregon Health & Science University

Bruce Walker - Ragon Institute

Bette Korber - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Duke CHAVD Award of Excellence

Bette Korber - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Duke CHAVD Research Staff Recognition Award

Amanda Newman - Duke University

Sai Luo - Boston Children’s Hospital

Chris Zwolinski - Duke University

Chris Denis - Duke University 

Katarzyna Janowska - Duke University

Fanghua Lee - University of Pennsylvania

Jill Whitley - Duke University

Amanda Eaton - Duke University 

Katayoun Mansouri - Duke University