October 27, 2020

Duke CHAVD 2nd Annual Meeting

The Duke Consortia for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development (CHAVD) annual retreat was held last week from Oct 19-22, with over 150 people attending.  The four day retreat brought together some of the brightest minds in HIV vaccine development to share their work with collaborating peers and investigators. Presentations and discussions ranged from immunogen design to inducing broad neutralizing antibodies for vaccine development.

“Plans were made with others in the field to continue to move the HIV vaccine work forward as quickly as possible. Much progress was reported at the meeting with movement of clinical products into human trials.” – Dr. Bart Haynes

Additional congratulations are due to the winners of the Duke CHAVD lightning round presentations where researchers had only 5 minutes to present a years’ worth of work. Winners were selected by an esteemed group of judges from various Institutions. The winners are:

Derek Cain - Duke University 

Rory Henderson - Duke University 

Charlie Mu - Duke University 

Olivia Swanson - Duke University 

Ming Tian - University of Pennyslyvania 

Kartik Manne - Duke University 

RJ Edwards - Duke University 

Kathy Wormald - Duke University 

Joel Finney - Duke University 

Amy Caparoni - Duke University