November 08, 2019

Duke Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

The DHVI was pleased to have Theaya Willis and Nicholas Antonicci from the Duke Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (CGSD) join us for an informative presentation on how to create a diverse and inclusive work environment.

We learned the importance of gender pronouns and how acknowledging them is an easy way to show love and respect for one another, not only in our work environment, but personal life as well. This event also gave colleagues the opportunity to share personal stories of gender stereotypes and reminded us to be conscious of gender privilege because not everyone’s path or perceived identity is the same.

At DHVI, we strive to make our employees feel safe in the space we provide.  We are dedicated to educating ourselves in ways that make ALL employees feel seen and appreciated.

To learn more about gender pronouns and how you can incorporate them into your work and personal life, visit the Duke Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity’s website:\

This event was organzied by the DHVI Diversity & Inclusion Committee