Protein Expression

Current research in the SaundersĀ Lab focuses in the areas of: 1) HIV-1 vaccine immunogen design and development for induction of broadly reactive antibody and T cell responses; 2) host immune responses to HIV-1 infection; 3) host cellular factors that modulate HIV-host interaction, and 4) development of vaccines and detections for viral hemorrhagic fever and other emerging infectious diseases.

Dr. SaundersĀ and his colleagues has recently developed a strategy by combining the isolation of Ig VH and VL genes from sorted single cells by RT-PCR and novel linear Ig heavy- and light-chain gene expression cassettes for high throughput sequence analysis and functional testing of Ig VH and VL genes expressed as recombinant antibodies. This novel approach would greatly facilitate study of B cell response and repertoires in acute HIV-1 infection as well as in other disease setting and development of therapeutic human monoclonal antibodies.