August 16, 2019

DHVI Investigators receive NIAID R56 grant


Congratulations to Dr. Mattia Bonsignori and Dr. Kevin Wiehe for receiving an NIAID R56 entitled: “Immunogen design strategies to direct HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibody maturation by probability-based targeting of critical mutations”.  Drs. Bonsignori and Wiehe have pioneered the measurement of antibody mutation probabilities and showed that induction of HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies can be hindered by critical mutations. Critical mutations are defined as mutations that are either beneficial to develop neutralization breadth but occur with low probability, or detrimental to breadth and occur with high probability. The proposed research features a novel conceptual framework in which immunogens are designed to modulate the selection of critical mutations thereby guiding the immune system towards generating antibodies capable of protecting people from HIV-1 infection. DHVI investigator Drs. Mihai Azoitei and Priyamvada Acharya are also collaborators in this grant.