September 28, 2020

DHVI Investigators Collaborate with Duke Pathology on Thymus Studies

In collaboration with Greg Sempowski, PhD and Andrew Macintyre, PhD, DHVI associate member Laura Hale, MD PhD  has received a five-year grant award through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases as part of a program project to determine mechanisms that control distinct growth and functional characteristics of the perinatal and adult thymus. The program includes three separate research projects supported by three cores that provide services required by all projects. The research projects will use genetically engineered and wild type mouse models to assess changes in gene expression in the thymus between the perinatal period (soon after birth) when the thymus is growing versus later time periods where the thymus either remains the same or is shrinking.   Hale, Macintyre and Sempowski will run the Human Thymus Core that will provide the research projects with comparative data derived from single cell RNA sequencing of epithelial, stromal, and antigen presenting cells from human thymus. The overall program project is led by Dr. Ellen Ritchie at the University of Texas - MD Anderson Cancer Center. Other principal investigators include Drs. Nancy Manley (University of Georgia) and Lauren Ehrlich (University of Texas – Austin).