June 18, 2020

DHVI Investigator receives 2020 Duke Department of Pediatrics Michael M. Frank Research Prize

Congratulations to Dr. Genevieve Fouda Amou'ou, M.D., Ph.D. on receiving the 2020 Duke Department of Pediatrics Michael M. Frank Research Prize. 

The Michael M. Frank Research Prize award was established by the Duke Children’s National Advisory Board in 2004 and is awarded annually to a member of the Duke University community who has made significant contributions in clinical, basic, translational or educational research that advances child health. This award is a tremendous honor and testament to Dr. Fouda's outstanding work in pediatric HIV vaccine research.

"Dr. Fouda is a highly productive faculty member who has made important contributions to the field of HIV vaccine research. She strongly wants to contribute to the elimination of pediatric HIV and she is a strong advocate for the development of a pediatric HIV vaccine. She is an invaluable research member and mentor in our Division, and I believe her academic and professional accomplishments epitomize the Michael Frank Research Award" - Dr. William J. Steinbach, MD, Samuel K. Katz Professor of Pediatrics