April 04, 2019

DHVI Investigator Dr. Greg Sempowski Receives Sub-Award on U19 Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Greg Sempowski for receiving a sub-award on a U19 grant in collaboration with the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, titled: Gonorrhea Vaccine Cooperative Research Center (GV-CRC).  Host response monitoring work for this center will be performed in the Duke Regional Biocontainment Laboratory Immunology Unit under the management of Dr. Andrew Macintyre.  Dr. Herman Staats (Duke Pathology) will also contribute his mucosal immunology and adjuvant expertise to this center.

The center will advance promising candidate N. gonorrhea vaccines in a rigorous and systematic manner so that one or more candidates have a feasible path for licensure at the end of the five-year funding period. The center is focused on innovative vaccine platforms, immunogens and adjuvant formulations. This GV-CRC immunology-focused core at Duke will provide centralized assay platforms for detailed and comprehensive analysis of host immune response for all three GV-CRC projects.