July 28, 2020

DHVI 2020 Annual Core Values Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 DHVI Annual Core Values awards!

The DHVI Annual Core Values program was created for employees to nominate other employees who have significantly exhibited one of the DHVI Core Values. The nominations were reviewed by the Core Value Annual Award Selection Committee and an awardee(s) was selected for each core value.

The DHVI values are Collaboration, Excellence and Innovation.. Collaboration through embracing change and cultivating diversity to achieve synergy, Excellence through a commitment to respect, integrity and safety and Innovation through ingenuity and the pursuit of continuous improvement.


Jim Burch

Nominated by Patrick Condreay

At the beginning of the shutdown, work with SARS-CoV-2 in GHRB substantially increased as multiple investigators proposed projects involving use of live virus. In addition to his usual duties in managing the training of new BSL-3 researchers Jim took on a new role, serving as a mentor for a number of individuals that were in the latter stages of training to move them to independent status. His collaborative team spirit in this effort allowed us to meet the demand for scientists to work independently at BSL-3 without compromising the standards of training or safety that are the hallmark of DHVI's conduct of responsible science and was essential to our ability to meet new challenges.



Sharon Amos

Nominated by Kelly Soderberg

Sharon exhibits excellence on a daily basis in managing a team of grant managers, as well as a large portfolio herself. She works tirelessly to help PIs and Program Management solve complex problems. Being able to oversee such a large complex portfolio of grants is a big task. Sharon has demonstrated herself over and over again to be not only a leader but a "doer". Her ability to implement standardized practices amongst the grant program will benefit DHVI forever. She routinely helps DHVI with the efficiencies she establishes as well as the knowledge disseminated.



Kwan-Ki Hwang

Nominated by Mattia Bonsignori 

Kwan has contributed significantly to the scientific progress of our HIV vaccine research and antibody discovery:  he has played key roles in developing and executing single B cell cultures; establishing fully human B cells lines; developing whole pathogen binding assays, and implementing new workflows.  He spent countless hours of data analyses and, more recently, he is contributing to our COVID-19 response. Kwan demonstrated exceptional persistence, flexibility, unwavering dedication, creativity and attention to details.  He is also an extraordinary team player and has mentored numerous colleagues. Last but not least, Kwan’s character makes him a person you just like to work with, and we are grateful to have him as a colleague.