July 26, 2019

DHVI 2019 Annual Core Values Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 DHVI Annual Core Values awards!

The DHVI Annual Core Values program was created for employees to nominate other employees who have significantly exhibited one of the DHVI Core Values. The nominations were reviewed by the Core Value Annual Award Selection Committee and an awardee(s) was selected for each core value.

The DHVI values are Collaboration, Excellence and Innovation.. Collaboration through embracing change and cultivating diversity to achieve synergy, Excellence through a commitment to respect, integrity and safety and Innovation through ingenuity and the pursuit of continuous improvement

And the DHVI 2019 Annual Core Values Winners are…

Hilary Bouton-Verville: Collaboration

"Hilary has done a phenomenal job at overseeing the animal programs for the Barton Haynes portfolio in support of large complex consortia. Not only has she been in charge of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) at DHVI  but has implemented agreements for subcontractors in addition to helping interface with the teams for breeding or immunization regimens. She also implemented a tracking sheet and weekly meeting to bridge the gap between the numerous laboratories and the animal team so that assays were run and decisions were made quickly that would affect ongoing protocols."

Daniel Tonkin: Collaboration

"Daniel, as a regulatory lead for the clinical team, has gone above and beyond in his role and took the lead of the clinical team meetings after an previous employee’s departure. He bridges the DHVI's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) team with the clinical team and acts as the key contact with the Division of AIDS (DAIDS) and the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN).  Daniel has handled the responsibilities of managing the DHVI and its collaborators regulatory needs while bridging the gap between the GMP and clinical teams effortlessly."

Patti Hanline: Excellence

"Patti works 24/7 to support the preaward activities at DHVI. Dates seems to cluster and her workload during these times is astronomical and she cares deeply about submitting the best possible applications from DHVI. She has also stepped in to help the contracts team in the past year while there has been an open position. Patti’s knowledge and skills have helped the DHVI be successful at receiving so much funding. Additionally, she has provided training on preaward to many program team members which has been invaluable."

Tom Yee: Excellence

"As DHVI's Manager for Information Systems, Tom has provided DHVI with an exceptional year of  application/database system development or enhancements and computer support desktop, laptop, and server maintenance and refreshment initiatives. All researchers and staff have been, and will continue to be, a beneficiary of Tom's outstanding efforts to keep current applications and databases tuned for optimal performance and functionality and implement new app/db systems to keep pace with expanding DHVI research and administration requirements. DHVI again benefited from Tom's broad IT acumen as he led the IT team to completion of DHVI's computer technology refresh program bringing all computers within the 4 year replacement standard. Tom's demonstrated extraordinary customer centric support is forefront as he brings a unique blending of technical and interpersonal abilities to researcher and staff problem resolution. Tom continues to contribute his IT technical and interpersonal skills to the betterment of the School of Medicine and Duke Health IT communities. Tom is the consummate IT professional whose broad based service to DHVI could only be accomplished by the top 1% of IT professionals. His unique blend of IT technical skills, education, and certifications allow him to provide DHVI with expertise in all IT disciplines. Few individuals could provide the expert knowledge for application and accompanying database design and implementation, right sized server support for the hosted applications and databases, and information security including optimal backup plans for databases and file storage system."

Kent Stone: Innovation

"Kent has provided innovative and expert guidance in strategically planning for the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) team in terms of budget, efforts and rolling all of the complex pieces of the portfolio up into a big picture view for forecasting. He has been instrumental in analyzing massive data sets and providing the team with information with quick turnaround for key decisions. Kent has also helped provide us expert analyses for many other large initiatives as the complexity of DHVI continues to grow. His ability to adapt daily and also understand the science has been paramount to our continued success. He is a great team member willing to get deep into the weeds and help anyone at any time."


Congratulations to all of the DHVI Core Value nominees: Nicole De Naeyer, Jadrien Hill, Robert Parks, Susan Hall, Maggie Barr, Judith Lucs, Carolyn Weinbaum