DHVI Perspectives Series and Events

The Duke Human Vaccine Institute Perspectives series provides a forum for DHVI employees to express questions, experiences, and reflections that bear on the racial and social injustices in our country.

The goal is to build a sense of community within DHVI by trying to understand one another on a deeper level in order to create a more inclusive environment for everyone. See previous sessions below.

1/25/2022: Is Disability a "Bad" Word?: Leigh Fickling, Director of the Disability Management System helped to clarify modern day disability etiquette across Duke University and Health System. You may view her slideshow presentation here and the full presentation here

10/25/2021: Pronoun Primer - A Path to Inclusion: Presentation by Angel Collie, Associate Director of the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity and Kiran Sundar, Student Programming Assistant. This session provided an overview of gender pronouns and discussed the importance of creating an inclusive space for transgender and non-binary students, faculty, and staff. Angel and Kiran also provided an overview of trans-inclusive pedagogical practices for implementing pronouns.  For more information on pronouns, visit the Duke Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity Pronouns page

9/27/2021: Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention: Dr. McLean Pollock from the Duke Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences presented on the challenges of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. If you or someone you know needs resources, please visit Crisis & Other Mental Health Resources or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

7/26/2021: Micro-Aggressions: Micro-Intent with Macro-Impact: Dr. Sarahn Wheeler presented on micro-aggressions and the challenges of micro-intent with macro-impact. 

3/24/2021: Implicit and Unconscious Bias: Presentation by Judy Seidentstein, Duke Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Dean of Diversity & Inclusion and Dr. Benjamin Reese, Jr., Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and President and CEO of BenReese, LLC. The session demonstrated how implicit and unconscious bias is generated and how to identify your own. You can watch the presentation here

12/11/2020: Diversity and Inclusion Symposium: Keynote speaker, Ada Gregory, Associate Director of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, presented on Bystander Intervention. The session included a post-lecture discussion for employees to implement lessons learned within the DHVI community.

10/15/2020: Voting Rights: Katelin Kaiser from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice and Jessica Sullivan from Duke Votes presented on topics ranging from voting preparedness to voter rights. The session was moderated by DHVI's Dr. Ashley Nelson. You can watch the presentation here.

8/3/2020: Imposter Syndrome: DHVI's Dr. Letitia Jones presented on imposter syndrome and how it can affect your life. 

6/23/2020: Interactions between the Community and Police Policy Advocates Panel Discussion: Members of the Duke Campus Police Department and DHVI discussed topics related to police brutality, as well as the Department's work in preventing racial targeting and discrimination on campus.

6/11/2020: DHVI Employee Reflections: Kevin Saunders, PhD, President of DHVI's Diversity & Inclusion committee, presented on racial discrimination and police brutality.