Current Openings

Current openings at the Duke Human Vaccine Institute and the Duke Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology and Immunogen Discovery (CHAVI-ID) are listed below. Please click a specific job title to view the description and apply through the Duke system.​  If the position has a requisition number, you will only be considered for the position after you have applied to the requisition number(s) on the Duke Employment website.

In addition, candidates should send a cover letter and current CV to:
Duke Human Vaccine Institute
*Reference the position title(s) and requisition number(s) in the subject line*

Associate Director Program Management, Requisition # 8863

Faculty Opportunity

GMP Alliance Manager - DHVI Product Development, Requisition # 5354

GMP Scientist I - Bioprocess - Cell Line Development, Requisition # 6942

GMP Operations Engineer, Requsition # 5539

GMP Project Manager, Requisition # 4758

GMP Associate Scientist II - Bioprocess, Requisition # 4391

GMP Manager - Upstream Development Group Leader, Requisition # 4879

GMP Manager - Downstream Development Group Leader, Requisition # 5753

HR Departmental Manager III, Requisition # 6067

Lab Systems Analyst, Requisition # 7541

Postdoctoral Associate, Requsition # 1894

Postdoctoral Associate, Requsition # 1435

Postdoctoral Associate, Requisition # 6496

Program Manager, Requisition # 9672

Research Scientist Senior, Requisition # 4579

Research Technician II, Requisition # 5750

Research Technician II, Requisition # 6281

Research Technician II, Requisition # 6364

Research Technician II, Requisition # 7292