Research Flow Cytometry


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The DHVI Research Flow Cytometry Facility is led by Gregory Sempowski, PhD and serves the analytical and cell sorting needs of the DHVI as well as support for researchers throughout the Duke Community.  The Flow Cytometry Facility offers state-of-the-art cytometric support to DHVI investigators in basic, developmental, and clinical research.  The Core consists of a Non-BSL-3 Flow Cytometry Facility and a BSL-3 Flow Cytometry Facility, which assist investigators in developing assays for measuring human immune responses to vaccines and infectious agents providing critical information about cell surface structure, identification, internal components and cell physiology. 

The Flow Cytometry Facility offers several cytometric services including BSL-1 through 3 live cell sorting, phenotypic acquisition, FRET (Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer), DNA cell cycle analysis and intracellular marker analysis.  The analytical and sorting abilities exceed 8 simultaneous parameters and enable researchers to define subpopulations based on cell surface morphology as well as size and complexity. 
The DHVI Research Cytometry Facility is partially supported by the NIH and conforms with guidelines established to ensure that the facility has accessibility to the Duke Community.  Our facilities’s goals are to supply our researchers with critical information about disease models that lead to direct applications related to clinical trials and human diseases and infections.  Our facility also aids in the discovery of key elements in stem cell research, cardiovascular disease, bone marrow transplantation and immune reconstitution.
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