Laboratory of Neonatal Viral Pathogen Immunity Staff


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Sallie Permar, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Assistant Professor of Immunology
Assistant Professor in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Kristy Bialis, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar

Research: Characterizing maternal immune correlates of protection against congenital cytomeglovirus (CMV) transmission in humans and a novel nonhuman primate model.

Eduardo Cisneros De La Rosa
Research Technician II

Specialty:  CMV high throughput neutralization assay,  CMV study sample processing and screening

Giny Fouda, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research: Infant immune correlates of protection, Antibody responses to vaccination in children, Prevention of HIV mother to child transmission, Pediatric HIV cure 
Jon Himes
Research Techinician II

Research:  Pediatric HIV-1 vaccine and cure strategies through assessing the impact of HIV env-specific maternal breast milk anitbodies on postnatal transmission rates as well as extent of infection in infant lymphoid tissues.
Specialty:  Protein production, neutralization, ELISA
Erika Kunz
Laboratory Research Analyst I

Research:  Mother-Infant HIV vaccine research & development and isolation of IgA for functional analyses from HIV-infected women 
Specialty: Epithelial cell binding, luminex (BAMA), ELISA, Ab purification, flow cytometry
Erin McGuire
Lisa Stamper
Laboratory Research Anlayst

Research:  Characterization of Tenascin-C (TNC), an innate HIV-1 neutralizaing protein found in breast milk


Josh Eudailey
Laboratory Research Analyst I

Research:  Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
Specialty:  Neutralization Asay in TZM-bl cells, Flow Cytometry Phenotyping
Holly Jakubowski-Heimsath
Lab Manager, Laboratory Research Analyst

Research:  Human Tonsil HIV transmission
Specialty:  B cell PCR, transfection, single genome analysis, Human tonsil HIV infection optimization
David Martinez 
Quang Nguyen 
Undergraduate Researcher 

Project goal: To understand the potential effect(s) of the gut microbiota on the antibody immune responses against SIV between the natural and non-natural SIV host species. 
Specialty: B cell PCR, monoclonal antibody production, flow cytometry analysis, ELISA, and Western blots. 
Charmaine Mutucumarana
 Cody Nelson