Kent James Weinhold, PhD


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Professor of Surgery
Professor of Immunology
Professor in Pathology
Chief, Division of Surgical Sciences
Department / Division:
Surgery / Surgical Sciences
204 Surg Oncol Res Fac
Durham, NC 27710
Office Telephone:
(919) 684-5572
  • PhD, Thomas Jefferson University, 1979
Research Interests:

In summary, the Weinhold laboratory has established a broad translational scientific interest as well as a number of key tools to identify immunologic signatures that predict disease outcomes in a wide variety of human diseases.  Even at this very early stage of evaluation, these highly standardized and validated assay platforms have proven tremendously valuable in monitoring clinical trials of HIV/AIDS vaccine candidates as well as novel anti-cancer therapies. This versatility, as well as the quantitative and qualitative assessments of immune reactivity that they provide, makes them ideal vehicles for future identification of biomarkers and immunologic signatures gleaned in the context of novel new therapeutic interventions.  This team, therefore, is well positioned to contribute their extensive expertise and knowledge base in this area to the design, implementation, and evaluation of new therapies that are currently in development.

Representative Publications:
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