Sunhee Lee Receives Recognition from the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery


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July 10, 2009

Sunhee Lee, PhD received recognition as a Young and Early Career Investigator from the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD).  The CAVD established this monthly recognition to honor young and early career investigators who have made significant contributions to HIV vaccine research conducted within the CAVD.  Nominated by Dr. Norman Letvin of Harvard University, Dr. Lee works on the Letvin Vaccine Discovery Consortia to develop novel mycobacterial vectors that can enhance the immunogenicity of potential HIV vaccines.  Dr. Lee joined the Duke Human Vaccine Institute in 2007 and is currently the Director of the Laboratory of Mycobacteriology.  At DHVI, the Lee lab is working to develop safer and more effective tuberculosis vaccines and immunotherapeutics using recombinant mycobacterial vectors.

The Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD) is a scientific collaboration formed under the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise in 2006.  Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the CAVD has awarded grants to nineteen consortia comprised of scientists from around the world to facilitate the development of an HIV vaccine.  Dr. Barton Haynes, Director of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute, leads the Haynes Vaccine Discovery Consortia aimed at developing strategies for inducing neutralizing antibodies against HIV.