DHVI’s IQA Center Receives Award from Cancer Research Institute


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November 11, 2008

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) has selected the Immunology Quality Assurance Center (IQAC) to provide central lab services for the Cancer Vaccine Consortium's Immune Proficiency Panel Program.  Monitoring the antigen-specific immune response has become an important end point in the clinical evaluation of specific cancer immunotherapeutics. The early identification of such responses allows prioritizing vaccines for further clinical evaluation.  The Cancer Vaccine Consortium has established an ImmunoAssay Working Group to help facilitate and standardize the immune monitoring approaches in the larger cancer vaccine community. The program’s objectives are: 1) to offer an external validation program, and 2) to enhance assay harmonization.

The CVC Proficiency Panel Program is a continuation of the CVC's previous panel testing performed between 2005 and 2007.  The program focuses on 3 immune assays, their external performance validation and harmonization for ELISpot, Intercellular Cytokines Staining (ICS) and Tetrameter/Pentamer staining.  The IQAC will provide a variety of cryo preserved PBMC panels to 30 CVC participating sites world wide. Each PBMC will be well characterized with a variety of serology and HLA typing phenotypes.  All PBMCs will be tested for CEF and CMV pp65 peptide pool in ELISpot and ICS.  For Multimer staining, testing will be performed against an A2 restricted flu and melanA peptide.